North Pole 2022We’ve had an apparent geographic shift at Perry Wellness Center. According to a sign placed at an entry to a classroom area, visitors, peers, and staff are informed that they are at the North Pole, and – yes! – Santa is in. A colorfully decorated Christmas tree sets the tone for the holiday theme.

The sign may also be pointing the way to the colder weather that is likely on its way to Southwest Georgia. PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry speculates on the forecast and the significance of the sign.

“We do expect cold weather at Christmas, but the forecast may be too much,” Stuart says. “I look forward to a cold Christmas but plan to light a warm fire and be with family. This sign may have never been so expressive of the weather. We have had some colder days, but that was a long time ago.”

Stuart adds that peers will be check on to be sure that they have a warm place to rest and be with friends and family.

In the photo above, a live Christmas tree and North Pole sign are reminders of the season and the weather to come.

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