Calla Lilies 2023During the design of the front entrance planter at Perry Wellness Center, creative designer Jeff Williams enjoyed experimenting with unlikely materials. He selected corrugated tin for a primary material in its construction. Calla lilies were then planted there, providing an interesting contrast between the delicate blooming plants and the industrial metal.

“I try to experiment with different materials in my planning and design,” Jeff explains. “I have found that ribbed, corrugated tin will work well and cover many areas with little effort. It is dangerous to handle, but I have been lucky with my projects.”

As for the calla lilies, their selection was both inspired and practical. Long a symbol of rebirth and resurrection, the plants produce an array of colorful blossoms or spathes. They bloom for weeks and are surprisingly easy to care for.

Unfortunately, the most recent edition of the plantings did not survive the sub-freezing temperatures of recent weeks. But today, many new calla lily shoots rise out of the fertile soil to demonstrate the spirit of renewal, even in the dead of winter.

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