Dylan K. promotionKnowledgeable and compassionate leadership is critical in the operations of any health or wellness program. Experience is also an important component in such leadership. At Perry Wellness Center, longtime employee Dillon Kloberdanz is taking on a new leadership role as the WHAM CPS Coordinator. WHAM is an acronym for Whole Health Action Management, a peer-led program to assist clients/peers in self-management of whole health goals and to reduce rates of chronic health conditions among individuals with behavioral health diagnoses. The program is used around the country to promote resiliency and wellness through peer support groups and coaching.

PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry recently announced the appointment, saying, “I am excited that Dillon is now in this staff leadership role. He has been with us for nine years and has shown staff leadership and trust in our peers. I have talked with him extensively and feel that we will make a good working team.”

In describing his role, Dillon states, “This is a changing position, and peer needs are different and more demanding. I just try to assist them as they need and find solutions for any problem.”

While being interviewed for this article, Dillon received several peer requests. The requests were varied, but each peer was assured of his effort to address their needs. For example, one peer stopped by the office to share his need for tires for his mobile chair. Dillon obtained the tire information and provided assurance to the peer.

Dillon explains, “Since I have been here, I have learned that if we listen to peers and discuss their needs and possible life interruptions, we can assist them and move on to other problems.”

In his time at PWC, the 33-year-old leader has become more aware of the many factors that can affect individuals’ mental health and recovery. He cites the need for such basics as good attendance in the recovery program and regular participation in the group sessions.

“I am happy at Perry Wellness Center,” Dillon concludes, “and I realize that the Covid days and other demands on our peers require different solutions. I am happy that Stuart Perry and I can talk about past days. We are trying to review our past, when Perry Wellness Center first began. Together, we will find solutions for the problems faced by our peers and staff.”

Best wishes, Dillon Kloberdanz, in your new position!

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