Damaged PlantsWe’ve shared with readers several stories of how the gardens and market have fared well during recent sub-zero temperatures at Perry Wellness Center. Today we are sharing a story that seems to have a sadder ending, but we do anticipate an ultimately happy outcome.

Before recent cold nights, Stuart Perry instructed staff to ensure that all blooming plants were relocated to the campus greenhouses for best protection. Although four heated greenhouses were used, there was not enough room for all blooming vegetation to be sheltered, and dozens of geraniums could not be saved. (If you have any doubt, just check out the photo!)

Stuart sprang into action, contacting several other grows about the best procedures for cutting dead flowers and foliage and repotting. Luckily, longtime  
staff and peers had practiced repotting plants in past seasons.

Now the practice is being revived. Newer PWC peers will learn new skills, and dozens of plants will have the opportunity for a new lease on life. See, we always promise a happy ending!

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