Repurposed water fountainSeveral years ago, a massive garden fountain, designed by Jeff Williams, was placed in its original Hope Park location off the east parking lot of Perry Wellness Center. A large number of people was required to get the fountain placed in what was then the perfect spot. The sound of trickling water soothed peers, staff, and visitors who stopped to enjoy a tranquil moment, and the bright blue color brought smiles.

When the customer entrance and main location of Rudy’s Happy Patch Market was moved, the decision was made to also move the fountain to a location in the new path of foot traffic. Stuart Perry, PWC founder and CEO, had sworn never to move the huge multi-tier fountain, as its original placement had been such an effort. But the opportunity to have more people enjoy the fountain was irresistible, so the move was made.

Unfortunately, the fountain’s water never flowed correctly after the relocation. But moving the fountain away was ruled out. After one lesson in the pros and cons of moving a giant fountain, it was time for another lesson – this time, in repurposing old vessels for new uses.

Stuart explains, “The water fountain is too heavy and too large for relocation. At the market, we like to display in all available structures. So, we have to move the plants.”

In its new location, the imposing water structure has now become the perfect display site for samples of the market’s best-selling plants. The plants seem happy – and no aching backs for staff!

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