Mobile Market aftercareAs we shared with readers, our recent Mobile Market trip to Buena Vista was a big success, and many plants were sold. However, all plants that returned from the trip back to Rudy’s Happy Patch Market received our special check-in. Each plant was cataloged on return and given healthful care. Dead leaves and branches were removed, fertilizer was added to the soil, and all plants were placed in an area to receive controlled watering.

“We do all we can to ready any returned plants for restocking and lineup to be back in our rotating plant inventory,” Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO Stuart Perry explained.

Such careful monitoring of returned plants is important to the plant cycle. All greenhouse and display areas are filled during the spring and summer to provide the best selection of inventory for returning customers.

Stuart concluded, “We do all we can to keep our returning customers happy as we secure new customers.”

In the photo above, market staff and peers oversee the watering process for newly returned plants at Happy Patch.

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