Preplanted TomatoesAt Perry Wellness Center, leadership staff are always interested in learning new techniques and strategies for everything from the classroom to wellness activities to the market. One way to learn more is through observation of like-minded programs or “competitors.”

One recent observation PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry had was from a Columbus, Georgia farmers’ market. Marketing boasts about the number of available tomato plants, as well as low prices – less than 20 cents per plant. The city market operates in a very competitive environment, and the “customer lure” price makes a difference. 

“This is a great price and great promotion for the Columbus market,” Stuart explains. “At Happy Patch, we have equally healthy plants and have transplanted the plants to larger containers of potting soil. All the customer needs to do is move the plant home and find the perfect place for light and availability to water. The rest is up to time. Soon, there should be tasty tomatoes.”

The photo above displays five-gallon pots filled with fertile dirt and young tomatoes – ready for customer participation.

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