Connie Waters FernsThe spring market continues to thrive at Perry Wellness Center’s own Happy Patch Market. The upkeep of the increasing inventory of plants calls for even greater time and attention. Shade and sun needs of plants have been addressed through color-coded tagging of offloaded inventory. Moisture needs are addressed through both automatic and hand watering, as the right level of moisture is a key to the survival of hundreds of plants.

One plant that requires diligent watering is the fern. According to PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry, “Ferns are a big seller in our market. I think we have five varieties of ferns, and all require total plant watering. The leaves must be kept wet with the warming temperatures. Connie Rutherford has taken this on as a challenge and does a great job.”

In the photo above, Connie checks each fern to determine its current moisture needs.

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