Yellow MandeviliaThe mandevilla plant is popular at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market, on the campus of Perry Wellness Center. It is available in several colors, but the yellow mandevilla has proved to be the most in-demand. We thought we'd share a few facts with potential customers:

The mandevilla plant is actually characterized as a tropical vine, and it can be trained to climb a trellis or arbor. However, it can also be displayed as a shrub with a little pruning. It does well with moderate care. Regular, deep watering should be applied during the initial growing season in order to develop a strong root system. In subsequent season, moderate watering is sufficient. The plant does well when fed with a general-purpose fertilizer. Finally, it should be pruned annually to manage its shape as a shrub or vine.

“Happy Patch Market has the best selection in this area,” one early morning customer confides, and the beautifully flowering plants, pictured above, are testament to this fact.

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