Audit DistractionIt’s audit time again! Our state auditors have arrived on campus, and they picked a beautiful time of year to come by. We love our auditors and have a history of some great audits, but like every business subject to formal audits, we feel the need for some distraction when we hear the A-word.

For Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO Stuart Perry, concentrating on the farmers’ market on campus – Rudy’s Happy Patch Market – is always a welcome distraction. He is enjoying the plethora of hanging baskets that are filling basket holders, stands, and tables. Each one seems to be a different color.

“I do invite returning and new customers to come by Happy Patch and just look. It WILL make you feel better and smile,” says Stuart. His other hint: “Buy several baskets, and this will make you feel even better!”

In the meantime, fingers crossed on the audit!

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