Monday Morning PlantsAfter a weekend filled with rain in Southwest Georgia, this morning found the south parking lot entrance to Perry Wellness Center brimming with bright color. One customer summed up the impact as follows: “I have never seen the parking lot so filled with color and variety. I wish I could ‘twitch my nose’ and all these plants would be in my yard!”

PWC founder and CEO had an additional explanation for the unusually large and bright display. Additional plants arrived in the parking lot as an off-loading of inventory after a Mobile Market stop in Ellaville this past weekend. The community was holding a city celebration, and it was a perfect time for the Mobile Market to arrive.

“Ellaville had it ‘going on’ this past weekend, “Stuart said with a smile, “And I am happy that our Mobile Market was there.”

Even though it was a successful Mobile Market, we’re happy that the leftover flowering plants are brightening up Rudy’s Happy Patch Market today

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