MHA bannerDuring the month of May each year, Mental Health Awareness Month is nationally recognized as a time for communities to focus on mental health education, stigma reduction, illness prevention, and overall awareness. This month, Perry Wellness Center would like to share mental health resources for affected individuals, families, friends, and the broader community. We selected two of the most well-regarded mental health organizations in the country, both of which have worked closely with Stuart Perry and PWC. Below are links to this year’s Mental Health Month online information for each organization, as well as a description of each organization’s theme for this year’s Mental Health Month, and available resources.

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

This year’s theme: “More Than Enough”

“It’s an opportunity for all of us to come together and remember the inherent value we each hold — no matter our diagnosis, appearance, socioeconomic status, background or ability. We want every person out there to know that if all you did was wake up today, that’s more than enough. No matter what, you are inherently worthy of more than enough life, love and healing. Showing up, just as you are, for yourself and the people around you is more than enough.”

The NAMI Mental Health Month page link includes sample social media posts, postable graphics, a downloadable #morethanenough Facebook profile frame, and links to mental health blogs, podcasts, and other resources. We would encourage everyone to also read a very relevant blog post from the NAMI archives: “Why Do We Have the Feeling that We Are Not Enough?”

Mental Health America (MHA)

This year’s theme: “Look Around, Look Within”

“This Mental Health Month, challenge yourself to examine your world and how it can affect your overall health. Look around, look within – from your neighborhood to genetics,many factors come into play when it comes to your mental health.”

The MHA Mental Health Month page link includes an online mental health screening test, a downloadable Mental Health Month toolkit with printable handouts, etc., and lots of information on mental health.

We hope that this information will provide our readers with greater insight into mental health, mental illness, and those who are affected.

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