Hay bale recycling

“The idea of reuse and recycling is something we all should do,” notes Stuart Perry. As if often the case, he demonstrates real life applications of the principles he teaches at our peer center.

The latest case in point: bales of hay. Who would have thought they could have such a long and varied life cycle? This fall, bales of hay were used throughout Rudy’s Happy Patch Market, both for decorative display and sale. By December, we were ready to put several of these bales to greater use. They adorned our float in the downtown Christmas parade in Americus, helping us win second place in the float competition.

Today, these lowly bales of hay went toward what may be their final use. Removed from the float, they were opened up and sprinkled over several garden beds at the center, where they will serve as excellent mulch. As Stuart explains,” Now in their third use, these hay bales we be used in a way to help protect our spring crops at Perry Wellness Center.”

Isn’t recycling fun??

In this photo, peer members Michael Harper, Rodderick Arnett, and Perry Duffie remove hay bales before transfer to several spring garden sites.

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