Amish productsStuart Perry takes pride in the many services Perry Wellness Center offers, and that includes maintaining a large and varied inventory of products at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market. The PWC founder and CEO takes pride in the market’s recognition as a site for so many high-quality products for diverse customer needs. Many of the most popular products at Happy Patch come from local or nearby farms and businesses, such as Chase Farms corn and Buchanan Farms tomatoes. Now the market is a supplier of products from the Amish Farms and Market.

“As our market grows, I visit often to listen to the wants and ideas for the market,” Stuart explains. “I am trying to add new brands as much as I can. The Amish products are all good.” There are thriving Amish communities in Southwest Georgia, and Stuart is happy to make their products available to others.

In the photo above, longtime peer Connie Rutherford reviews the prices of items from the Amish Farms and Market currently available in the Happy Patch display wagon.

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