Jeff at Stonework Fine artist, designer, and master craftsman Jeff Williams has created a charming series of structures on the PWC campus over the years. They range from vintage-style greenhouses to various water features. With even the best craftsmanship, time, exposure to the elements, and foot traffic have taken their toll on some of the unique structures and landscape elements at Perry Wellness Center.

Jeff recently noticed that it was time for some restoration work, and he focused on some of his early stone work and the fountain return reservoir.

“Early on, we were trying to achieve an environment of welcome and relaxation with the flowing water,” Jeff explained. “The water flows down and creates a sound of calm and peace. I had to reset these rocks on this reservoir receiving end.”

Many of his stone creations are around the south entrance to Perry Wellness Center and Rudy’s Happy Patch Market. Visitors are encouraged to stop by and check them out.

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