Pecan CropIn our service area, pecans are considered a Southern delicacy, and Rudy’s Happy Patch Market can’t keep them in stock quickly enough to meet the demand.  Our harvesting from the land of area farmers has helped us keep pecans available, but holiday baking threatened to deplete our supply.

Luckily, we have discovered yet another area farmer willing to allow us to harvest pecans.  It’s our own Jan Adkinson, Quality Assurance Director at Perry Wellness Center.  “Farmer Jan” had already harvested one crop this year. But when the second pecan drop came, she thought about us!

“I have had an abundance of Stewart and Schley pecans this year.  I did not want to waste them,” Jan explained.  So eight peer clients promptly headed to Jan’s farm to gather the last crop of pecans.  Additional harvesting is planned, and the nuts are slated to be offered in late January.

Be on the look-out at the market for these tasty Schley and Stewart varieties in a couple of weeks. And thanks to Jan for her generous spirit! 

In the photo, Jan, second from left, poses with 250 pounds of freshly gathered pecans, along with Rodderick Arnett, Deborah Danielly, Grover Thornton, Laurie Hildreth, market manager Phyllis Bleckley, Sonya Mullins, Rhonda Hubbard, and Perry Duffy.

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