Burgamy and Jordan familySometimes it seems like a rare event for family members to be engaged in conversation. Yes, that is an exaggeration, but social media and texting have become a substitute for face-to-face interaction in many circumstances. We are always happy to see family members shopping and chatting together at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market. We’ve called the market a form of town square – a place to catch up with friends and neighbors. 

We were happy to spot a father/son duo of shoppers at the market earlier this week. On a warm Monday morning, we found son David Burgamy and father Gene Jordan at Happy Patch. Throughout their shopping experience, there was ongoing dialogue about the inventory, prices, and best selections. At one point, we heard David say, “Look at this tomato, Dad. I think this is the best value, with great color and freshness.”

Thanks for stopping by, folks. We appreciate your business, and we also appreciate the sight of two generations working together, side by side, to create a productive morning.

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