Wash your hands sign

We’ve always been told that cleanliness is next to godliness.  Now that flu season’s here, we’re true believers.  As Georgia joins 43 other states in experiencing an early flu season, two primary recommendations are being offered by health experts:  1. Get your flu shot; 2. Wash your hands frequently.

To help drive home the importance of the latter, staff member Jeff Williams came up with some unique signage for placement in all bathrooms.  The charming artwork, as seen in the photo, gives staff and peers the friendly admonition: “Wash your hands.  Use Soap.  Mom.”

As Jeff explains, “We strive to break down any part of a day that could cause health, cleanliness and wellness issues for our peer clients and staff.  This ‘wash your hands’ sign is a simple reminder for us all.”

To avoid the flu (and a motherly scolding), we encourage you to roll up your sleeves – first, to get your flu shot, and then to wash your hands!

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