Susan Hull artPerry Wellness Center promotes peer clients’ creativity as a part of the recovery process. Working on a creative project provides an opportunity for telling one’s “story” without words. It is also great for everything from socialization to improved eye-hand coordination. Most importantly, it is a wonderful outlet for reducing stress and feeling more productive.

Many of our PWC peers enjoy working with colored pencils and markers to create their own art works. Many of the completed works are selected for posting in PWC offices and public spaces. 

“It is good for our peer clients to take time to be self-creative in their art work,” PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry notes. “I encourage them to be proud of their works and to display them at the center. Many have several postings and take pride in showing their work to friends and visitors.”

In the photo above, Susan Hulls wastes no time in posting some of her works on wall spaces in the north classroom building.

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