Homemade Ice Cream At Perry Wellness Center, a growing parade of customers has come in search of our homemade, hand-churned ice cream. It is now offered in three flavors and assorted sizes. Yes, the delicious ice cream is made on site in the kitchen of the first Happy Patch Market, which provides an inspected environment for production.

β€œIt has been a perfect season to offer homemade ice cream,” says PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry. β€œI am sure that it will be one of our refreshment offerings for the next summer season.”

For those who can't make out all the text on our sign, above, check out our inventory and prices, below:

Vanilla                        8 oz. -- $4                 16 oz. -- $8               32 oz. -- $16

Peach                        8 oz. -- $4                 16 oz. -- $8               32 oz. -- $16

Butter Pecan             8 oz. -- $4                 16 oz. -- $9               32 oz. -- $18


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