Tamika Brown SharesLongtime peer Tamika Brown effectively uses her knowledge of Perry Wellness Center and its history when she greets peer clients and visitors to the newest classroom building. Tamika’s desk is an activity hub in the center of this relatively new addition to the campus. 

“I like to greet people and share information about the goodness of Perry Wellness Center,” Tamika says. “This place has been good for me, and I want to share with others some of the information I have learned about the top mental health provider in Georgia. We all seem to do a good job.”

Tamika continues, “I probably have TOO much information to share about the good things that happen down here. I’m pleased that we have new clients who seek the center out for mental health and substance abuse recovery needs. All is good here.”

We couldn’t ask for a better endorsement than Tamika, whose helpful and enthusiastic sharing sets a positive tone for everyone.

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