George WindhamRecently a new intern joined us at Perry Wellness Center.  Rather than a typical psychology or business major, however, George Windham is studying in an unusual field:  environmental horticulture.  And what a good fit he is with our center!


George is one of those helping people that truly enjoy doing for others – and for the environment.  He says that his desire to go into environmental horticulture actually stemmed from watching Steve Irvin wrestle a crocodile on TV when George was only four years old.


“I was watching Steve Irwin in ‘Crocodile Hunters,’” He recalls.  “I remember the snakes, the weeds and swamp – that made me look at the wildlife environment.  Strangely, I began thinking about what I could do to improve our world.”


A twenty-one-year old student at South Georgia Technical College, he is a current finalist in the institute’s GOAL Award Program.  George’s home is in nearby Oglethorpe, where he is active in church and civic activities.  He does public speaking about the environment, with groups ranging from schools, libraries, and civic clubs to private birthday parties.  “It is great fun to speak to others and share my appreciation of snakes, turtles, and geckos,” he explains.  He sees his mission as helping others discover their own appreciation of an environment filled with interesting creatures and plants.


At the center, George will be working with retired horticulturist and landscape designer Manson Markette.  After graduation, he plans to further his education at ABAC.


We imagine that spring will especially beautiful this year at Perry Wellness Center, as George works his magic on the grounds and promotes respect for the environment.


In the photo above, George poses with his father, sister, and mother, on a visit to the PWC greenhouses.

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