PWC assembly

Many followers of the Perry Wellness Center website have kept up with our history over the years. But did you know that the program, under various names and a various sites, has been in operation now for a quarter of a century? If you’re not sure PWC history, take the short quiz below. Then find the answers by going to our About Us page under "History"– no cheating!

  1.      What was the name of the first free-standing peer center in the state of Georgia?
  2.      What two organizations first provided oversight and funding to the new peer center?
  3.      In what year did Stuart begin providing day to day leadership of the center? (He had planned and developed the center, but was involved in frequent national advocacy projects until this time.)
  4.      When the program was re-established as the Perry Wellness Center, on what type of activities did it increase its focus?
  5.      Where is Perry Wellness Center now located?
  6.      In 2009, the Georgia Mental Health Consumers Network recognized Perry Wellness Center with what statewide honor?

A review of our history reminds us how the organization, under Stuart Perry’s leadership, has had a stake in improved mental health services at the local, state, and national level. Here’s to the next quarter century!

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