Marguerite Jigsaw PuzzleAt Perry Wellness Center, both peers and staff keep active throughout the day, alternating between classes, socialization, meals, exercise, groups, campus tasks, and free time. But even the latter can be a time for growth. PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry prides himself on keep folks busy on campus and knows that sometimes the most seemingly slow-paced activities can promote improved mental and/or physical health.

“I like for our peers to be busy,” Stuart says. “Any idle time can allow some people to dwell on bad thoughts and times. If we provide something for them to do, all is well.”

One favorite break-time activity is completing jigsaw puzzles. At PWC, several jigsaw puzzles are available in different areas of the classroom buildings. Many peers also purchase their own puzzles to complete and frame for hanging.

In addition to being enjoyable, jigsaw puzzles can provide benefits to individuals’ mood and thinking. An article in The NYU Dispatch cites several such benefits, They include:

* Improved  hand-eye coordination
* Improve problem-solving skills
* Improved concentration and focus
* Reduced stress

In the photo above, peer Marguerite busily works on her latest jigsaw puzzle.

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