Eclipse AlertFor several days, Perry Wellness Center staff have been reminding excited peers to wear safety glasses during today’s solar eclipse. In our Southwest Georgia, we will have a partial solar eclipse, with the sun 75% hidden by the moon during the peak of the eclipse, around 3:00 p.m. today.

PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry explains, “We are not in the best position to see the most total eclipse, but we have tried to remind our peers and staff of the danger of looking up to see the solar spectacle. Many of our peers will be home or in van transit at the peak of the eclipse, and looking directly at the sun will be dangerous.”

At every contact between peers and staff today, staff are using the time for a reminder to peers of the harm of direct viewing of the eclipse. While special safety glasses are an option, we understand that many vendors have sold all their stock.

So here’s a reminder to our faithful readers: no staring directly at the eclipse today! You can find some helpful information about today’s event in this USA Today article.

In the photo above, Sylvia F., left, discusses medical issues with nurse Ramona Price and receives her reminder about eclipse viewing.

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