Chalkboard messageSometimes we all need a little reminder. It may be circling your next dental appointment on your calendar or putting a sticky note on the fridge: “Call exterminator.” But some of the most important reminders we can give ourselves are about how we feel.

Perry Wellness Center routinely posts signs around its buildings, reminding peers and staff to do everything from wash their hands to check out a new group activity. Some signs are posted on simple flip chart paper, but changeable signs rely on chalkboards. We try to make sure that each message is positive, especially if it pertains to attitudes and feelings.

Recently, a small chalkboard was mounted. It contained the simple reminder message: “Keep Smiling.” The chalkboard, pictured above, is also decorated with fun graphics for a dash of creativity.

Scientific research has found that smiling encourages positive feelings, even if the person smiling is feeling sad at the time. “Do it until you feel it” can definitely apply to our outlook on mental health. So here’s to positive feelings and encouraging messages. Put an affirmation to yourself on your bathroom mirror. Hide a funny note in your child’s lunchbox. And ask your favorite pet, “So who’s a good dog?”

We promise it works!

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