Snowball 1All around Southwest Georgia, we keep spotting the ever-popular snowball plant at many residential and commercial sites. Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO Stuart Perry always notices them in his drives around Americus.

“I would like to think that all of these snowball plants were purchased at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market,” Stuart says with a grin. “Many were – I know the customers and their home sites!”

Snowball 2Popularity sometimes translates to low availability. Stuart notes, “It has been hard to keep a good inventory of snowball plants, but I buy all I can when I locate a selection. I would like to think that our discovery of these plants was a hint to Southwest Georgians. The plants are beautiful, and our soil conditions are great for plant growth.”

There are numerous varieties of snowball plants or bushes. A quick Google search for “snowball plant” shows many popular varieties, including the Vibumum opulus or European snowball bush. They are often confused with white hydrangeas, another beauty.

Snowball 3The photos here show random sightings of the popular, but hard to find snowball plants around this area. No matter their size, they are a welcome sight this April. 

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