April FernsThis time of year, the ever-popular ferns are featured at many local plant vendors. But at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market, there is a special greenhouse dedicated to the many varieties of ferns in its inventory.

Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO Stuart Perry, proudly points out the greenhouse to visitors, as it fills up with the latest purchases from area growers and the market itself. They include such well-known varieties as Boston and asparagus ferns. The last structure on “greenhouse row” down the side of the PWC campus, it receives special attention, providing the ideal temperature and watering needed for these beauties.

“We will have new varieties of ferns when we can find them,” Stuart promises. “Ferns have always been popular at Happy Patch, and we want to offer the best variety in the area.”

One reason ferns are so popular here may be that they are the perfect display plant for Southern porches. One drive through the Americus, Georgia historic district shows how well they adorn many of the vintage 19th-20thcentury front porches of proud residents.

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