Daisy DisplaySpring and summer are the seasons for beautiful displays of daisies in gardens and floral arrangements throughout the area. One of the largest displays can be found at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market, on the campus of Perry Wellness Center. Customers checking out new spring inventory at the market have been drawn to our display of white and pink daisies.

Daisies are popular in floral bouquets for home and church. The pink and white daisies at the market have thin stems and fit beautifully in between more showy flowers.

A few fun facts about daisies -- did you know?

Daisy leaves are edible. They are a popular salad garnish with adventuresome chefs and are high in vitamin C.

Daisies completely close their petals at night. They re-open when the sun rises.

Daisies have a large family tree and represent almost 10% of the world’s flowering plants. Two of their cousins are sunflowers and artichokes. Artichokes!

Daisies are everywhere. They are found on every continent around the globe – except Antartica.

Daisy petals have a very high amount of pollen, compared to other flowers. Bees love them!

PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry extends his usual message during market season: “I invite current and new customers to come by and see our new market inventory.”

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