ParaphernaliaOne of the latest group sessions at Perry Wellness Center provided a unique experience for many who participated.  The group focused on the challenge of creating new artistic designs without professional materials. In addition to being economical, the “found object” art trend helps people look at common objects in a new way. 

Staff member and certified peer specialist Phyllis Smith led the group. She first brought in a collection of accumulated paraphernalia. Some of these were materials that might normally be tossed into the trash; e.g., paper scraps. Various objects were then laid out on tables around the room. By providing careful direction and one-on-one assistance as needed, Miss Phyllis led the peer class in how to plan a composition before selection of the “junk” objects they planned to use in its creation. 

The instructions were simple but challenging: “You need to walk around the room and see what you have to work with. Then walk through again, after you have discovered what you would like to use for your creation.”

Each peer strolled around the room, identifying what was available to use and then making their personal choices. Then the group members returned to their table spaces and began their compositions.  After affixing the pieces to their support boards, the peers soon completed their design assessment.

“This was a fun class,” Miss Phyllis said. “Our peers learned to look at ‘trash’ in a new light.” Even the most mundane object can be the spark for artistic inspiration.

In the photo above, Phyllis Smith, CPS, second from right, consults with her group of creative peers on their “found object” art projects.

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