Multimedia roomWith so much creativity at Perry Wellness Center, it seems only fitting that there should be a special place for displays. Peers have been working for some time on a variety of projects, including jigsaw puzzles, colored designs, and original artwork.

Now, a new multi-media room displays much of peers’ favorite work in the new classroom building. They post completed works in designated areas, and the result is a colorful feast for the eyes.

Peer Lori Slayton, who is also a talented needlework crafter, has several puzzles and drawings on display. She explains the process: “We have all been producing much artwork. We now glue puzzle pieces to heavier paper. The pasted pieces are then affixed to the wall. This started about a year ago and is popular.”

What an exciting, multi-color, multi-dimensional gallery this classroom has become! Thanks for everyone’s contributions.

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