Audit ReportAs a non-profit service organization receiving state and federal funds, Perry Wellness Center is subject to regular audits by fiscal and regulatory agencies. Recently, PWC received its latest Georgia state audit. PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry was delighted with the results.

“We received an overall score of 96 out of 100 and had to repay only $100 in billings,” Stuart said during a discussion with staff member Thomas Dudley Ledbetter, pictured at right. “It was good to hear that the next time we will be meeting auditors is in one year.”

Thomas is a certified peer specialist with the center. In that capacity, he works with peers on their personal goals and documents progress in the individual records. He has been with PWC for almost one year and advised Stuart that he had noticed improvements in the activities and attitudes of clients in the program.

Thomas said that he enjoys what he does, adding, “I live close to Perry Wellness Center. I can walk to work!” Thanks to you -- your hard work and good record-keeping are directly related to excellent audit scores.

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