Yellow DaisiesIt is not uncommon to hear a customer at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market say some variation of “If God made a plant, you will find it at Happy Patch.” Realistically, we’d say that if God made a plant that grows well in South Georgia soil and climate, there’s a good chance that it is either in stock or just a phone call away.

Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO Stuart Perry takes pride in maintaining a varied plant inventory for the many customers who rely on Happy Patch for local plants and produce. He is always discovering something new.

We recently shared with our readers some fun facts about daisies, featuring a photo of in-stock white daisies. Now we have spotted a less common sight -- blooming yellow daisies on the ramp end of the north PWC campus. Here’s a photo to prove it! We think it’s just a matter of time before lovely yellow daisies will turn up for sale.

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