Happy Patch Potting HouseFor those of our readers who are gardeners, you may have experienced the feeling that raising plants can feel a bit parental at times. A plant may be raised from tiny seeds or bulbs, or it may be a transplant from part of a larger plant. Some plants are on the equivalent of neonatal care unit status, as they are watched over carefully until a wilted area turns green, or a young plant produces its first buds.

That’s often how our staff at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market feel when tending to our current and future plant inventory. As staff plant, repot, separate, graft, or rejuvenate our flowers, ferns, and shrubs, we have found a way to make the process easier.

Allow us to introduce you to our new potting shed area. The “Happy Patch Potting House,” pictured here, provides a shaded, roomy area to spread out and work with plants in any stage of development or state of health.

Perry Wellness Center founder and director Stuart Perry sets an example for the market, as he believes in both doing well and doing good in our work. To save or replenish existing plants is both cost-effective and an act of caring. We try to save every plant possible, and we find it rewarding to see a customer take home one of our “transplant babies.” So, if you’re interested in adopting -- er, purchasing some blooming plants or greenery, stop by Happy Patch soon!

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