Lavonya StewartThose of us who do business with the State of Georgia are accustomed to the jokes about paperwork overload. And yes, a lot of that is true! But when it comes to documenting and monitoring our peer members' progress in treatment, that's no laughing matter.

Lavonya Stewart, or "Mese," as she's known by family and friends, is largely responsible for ensuring that PWC stays in compliance with Georgia's detailed documentation requirements for mental health and wellness programs. In addition to providing hands-on services, we must document hourly progress. Much of that responsibility falls to Mese, who regularly reviews each peer's recovery goals and composes notes that document their current status. Stewart and four other members of our documentation review team are responsible for documenting and monitoring the ongoing recovery of a total of 61 peer members.

So our thanks to Mese, whose ability to wrangle paperwork effectively helps make all our jobs easier, and, more importantly, helps keep our peer members' recovery plans on track.

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