Card makingWhatever the weather or time of week, we have lots to do at Perry Wellness Center!  Normally, the two biggest culprits for disrupting routine are rainy days and Fridays.  But our staff and peers creatively deal with both.

Bad weather:  Perry Wellness Center seems to be designed around outside activities, from its walking paths and volleyball courts to its lush gardens.  But when the weather doesn’t permit outside activities, we just move them indoors!  We have both indoor and outdoor weight-lifting stations and a large gym area filled with stationery equipment.  We even do our walking indoors when needed. 

Under cover of the greenhouses and the market’s deep overhanging roof, we can stay dry while attending to gardening and market activities as well (except for the mad dash back inside!).

Fridays:  Every business and service organization will tell you that Fridays are the worst days of the week for productivity and attendance.  At Perry Wellness Center, we have initiated a “Free Day” Friday custom.  Fridays are used largely for socialization and leisure activities, rather than formal groups.  Peer members enjoy computer time, card playing, puzzles, needlework, and other favorite activities.  Because socialization is often a difficult task for many of our peers initially, these seemingly unstructured times actually provide an excellent opportunity for polishing social skills.

In the photo above, several peer members enjoy making homemade cards during a break from formal groups.  They are, from left to right:  James Barron, Irvin Cook, Laurie Hildreth, Andrea Prusso, Laura McClain, and Rosella Reynolds.

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