Double Trouble2We’ve talked about Double Trouble before here, but every day we want to sing its praises just a bit more.  For those of you not familiar with the program, it is a mutual support group program designed to address the needs of individuals with both mental illness and addictive disease problems. 

Double Trouble in Recovery (DTR), as it is formally known, is based on the principles of other traditional Twelve Step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous.  Founded in 1989, the program grew out of a need for a recovery program that addressed the needs of individuals struggling with the double burdens of recovery from two different types of behavioral health problems.

At Perry Wellness Center, approximately half of the peers who attend our program are considered to be dually diagnosed – that is, dealing with both mental health and substance abuse issues.  For these individuals, the Double Trouble program has become a vital tool in their ongoing recovery.

Jackie Teasley, our Program Director, says, “We are excited about this program at Perry Wellness Center.  It offers meaningful information for those suffering from both mental health issues and substance abuse problems.”  She uses the 172-page DTR manual to build discussion groups and recovery meetings.

People who participate in the Double Trouble program consider it more of a fellowship than a meeting.  They find that the program offers them a place to share their personal stories without judgment, and to address spiritual issues as part of their recovery.  The program’s only membership requirement is simple: a desire to stop drinking and/or drugging and to work on one’s mental health.

We’re happy to see so many peers at Perry Wellness Center doing just that, day by day.

In the photo are program facilitators, Jackie Teasley  and Assistant Program Director Richard Hanken.

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