Kaylon HoltPerry Wellness Center is a strong advocate of vigorous exercise and physical activity.  As we work with peers on their Whole Health Action Management (WHAM) plans, they often focus on wellness goals that relate to sports and exercise.


Kaylon Holt, and avid runner, set for himself the challenge of running in competitive races.  He recently participated in the Plains Peanut Festival run, followed by the Buena Vista Off-Road Odyssey last weekend.


We’re happy to report that Kaylon won first place in his age division!  The route was a challenging one, winding through woods, pastures, and streams at Wells-Brown Farm near Buena Vista.


“It was a fun run despite the cow patties,” Kaylon joked.  He now looks forward to entering other races in the future.  We hear his mother is pretty excited, too!


Congratulations, Kaylon, on a well-run race – and more importantly, for showing how meeting wellness goals can be an enjoyable and winning part of recovery.

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