Michael Harper"Anything that Mike Harper plants, lives." If you wonder why this is a popular saying at Perry Wellness Center, take a walk around the campus and check out the beautiful flower beds that this talented peer member has planted.

Michael Harper enjoys outdoor work with a group of peers more than the traditional indoor support group. Recently he organized a group to assist in beautifying the eastern edge of the campus, and as the photo here shows, the results speak for themselves.

Mike patiently describes his planting techniques: "I dig the holes about twice the size they need to be. We then fill them with water and drop the wetted plant in the hole. I then cover the plant, pack the soil, and then we water the area when we are finished."

In a wellness and recovery program, nothing better represents growth and new life better than gardening. A few hours a week under spring skies and with shovel in hand gives any peer a life lesson as important as any that may be taught in the classroom.

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