Customer serviceRudy’s Happy Patch Market serves a variety of purposes for Perry Wellness Center.  It provides training experience for peer members, income to enrich program activities, and an opportunity for interaction with the general public.


As we’ve pointed out before, that contact is vital, as it helps de-mystify individuals with mental illness or substance abuse issues and shows that recovery programs work!  While we can’t bring the general public into our training rooms and group sessions because of privacy issues, we like to think that our corner market provides a cheerful and colorful window on our little world at the center.


This time of year, customer service is an important part of our activities at the market, as the flower beds and greenhouses overflow with blooming plants.  Our market manager, Phyllis Bleckley, finds that customer questions also increase, as individuals inquire about plant names, planting guidelines, and plant care.  Not that she’s complaining!


“We enjoy our customers and their questions about our baskets and plants,” she says.  “It helps us all to review this information for ourselves and learn some additional facts from our customers.”


In the photo above, Miss Phyllis demonstrates her hospitality as she assists Trudy Hobbs and Tammy and Erin McClung with their plant selection.

Thanks for all our market patrons!  We love answering your questions.

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