WatermelonsWhat is more delicious than the season’s first watermelon?  At Rudy’s Happy Patch Market, they are our first reminder than summer is almost here.  Last week we received a load of long green watermelons, and this week the larger striped melons arrived.  They are selling in the market for $4 and $6, respectively.


Says our market manager, Phyllis Bleckley: “Soon we will have Chase Farms corn and locally grown squash, shelled peas and butterbeans, blueberries, and strawberries.” A larger and wider selection of produce will be available throughout the season.


As always, our peer members contribute to the success of our market endeavors.  In the above photo (left to right), Willie Pryor, Otis Lewis, and Roderick Arnett, move our last shipment of melons into the market display area.


We’ll let Miss Phyllis have the last word:  “Come down to Happy Patch Market and leave with a smile!”

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