Peacemakers campersWhat do the United Nations' Declaration of Human Rights, camping, and Perry Wellness Center have in common?

Give up? Okay, we'll explain. Our campus was recently honored to host a special group of campers who are learning about peace and human rights in the world.


The Peacebuilders Camp at Koinonia Farm, now in its third year, brought a group of campers to Perry Wellness Center as part of its daily practice of introducing young people to "peacemakers" who are working to make the world a better place. Program director Erica Schoon chose Perry Wellness Center as one of its peacemakers. What an honor!

As Miss Erica explains, "We were so excited to visit the Perry Wellness Center camps on the day we had been studying the right to adequate healthcare. We try to expose campers to many different way to help create peace and justice in our world, and Perry Wellness Center is a great example of this kind of good work."

During their visit, the students toured our campus and learned about our programs, as well as helping out with chores. But the camps is not just about chores and learning – campers also have the opportunity for lots of swimming, hiking, and other traditional camp activities. Each summer, two one-week sessions are held: on for the 11-12 age group and the other for those 13-14.

Peacebuilders Camps is one of the programs of Koinonia Farm, a nationally known Christian farming community based in Americus. Since its founding, Koinonia has been involved in outreach to promote human rights and brotherhood. If you would like to learn more about the camp, visit the camp website.

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