Singing bearSimple acts of kindness bring other kindnesses.  Recently this was demonstrated at our center, when peer member Rhonda Hubbard presented staff and peers with a musical gift in honor of their years of support to her.

“I have to thank you all for the good things you have done for me,” Rhonda explained, after a group breakfast in the cafeteria.  “When my mama died some three years ago, you all were here for me.  With my times of depression and mental problems, you understood and helped me.  I just wanted to buy a small gift to remind you of how good you have been to me.” With that, she presented the group with a delightful singing bear.

Dealing with troubled times is as much a part of the recovery process as achieving better ones.  At Perry Wellness Center support and celebration go hand in hand.

Said PWC founder Stuart Perry, “To see and hear good things from and about peers is important at Perry Wellness Center.  Each day we try to highlight positive events in the lives of our peers and staff, both away from and on our campus.”

Whether represented by a singing bear or a heartfelt “thank you,” appreciating the kindness and support of one’s peers is all a part of healthy recovery.

In the photo above, Rhonda, left, shares her gift with food service staff member Annie Ruth Thomas.

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