Stuart and PamPerry Wellness Center is truly a family affair. Not only do the staff and peers think of each other as an extended family, the members of one exceptional family work here daily. Founder Stuart Perry, his wife Pam, and their daughter Amanda provide hands-on work each day at the program which represents the family's own way of "paying it forward."

Today marks the 32nd anniversary of Stuart and Pam's marriage. At a surprise assembly this morning, they touchingly recounted the story of how the met, fell in love, and built a marriage and family.

"It was love at first sight," Stuart recalled. "I was young, but we dated for five years and have been married for 32."

After the early joys of being newlyweds and have their daughter, Amanda, tragedy struck when Stuart's father committed suicide after battling with depression. Stuart fell into depression himself and struggled for several years before humane mental health treatment allowed him to reclaim his life.

Stuart remembered, "I told Pam, early on, that she did not have to stay with me, as I suffered with the death of my dad, and then my own depression. She is the love of my life, and God sent her to me."

Recalling these incidents as well, Pam explained what kept them together in the difficult times: "We love each other."

Out of this love and belief in the power of treatment and healing, Stuart went on to establish Perry Wellness Center, with the strong support of his immediate and extended family.

With all the trouble in the world today, isn't it nice to hear about a great love story with a happy ending?

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