McArthur ThompsonReading initiatives have gone into high gear at Perry Wellness Center. As awareness arose of the need for literacy training, several steps have been taken to offer peers assistance in their personal goals of improved reading skills.

One local school, Sarah Cobb Elementary School, has offered check-out of books at the reading level of individual peers. Then Wanda Lyles began a peer-to-peer reading study group at the center. The group of 4-5 peers meets daily at the center, finding time between formal groups and after lunch.

Most recently, the Lake Blackshear Regional Library has begun to play a role. Peer McArthur Thompson is one individual who has visited the literacy program at the library. He has now brought back new ideas and information from the library program that he is, in turn, sharing with other peers at the center.

Stuart Perry notes, "McArthur is determined to reach one of his goals concerning learning to read. We encourage this new program and celebrate with McArthur on his self-determination. But we are also excited about the information that McArthur is sharing as he leads other peers. We are a peer-run center, and this reading initiative is a great example."

In the above photo, McArthur shows some of the reading-level books that were provided for his program. As he explains, "I take my book bag wherever I go."

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