James Goss at SGTAt least every six months, each peer at Perry Wellness Center establishes a set of personal goals.  Each peer reviews potential goals with staff members and selects goals that are meaningful and achievable.  Typical goals include losing weight, reaching exercise goals, improving reading skills, or obtaining GED certification.

Peer James Goss selected a goal that was more ambitious than most, and now he has seen it through.  Several months ago, James led other peers in realizing the need for achieving their GEDs and going on to higher education.  His particular goal: attending a community college. 

James has always demonstrated leadership at the center, where he serves in a principal role at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market. Setting his routine work aside, James has taken on his most ambitious task yet, enrolling in classes at South Georgia Technical College over the last semester.

Recently James proudly shared the passing grades from his first enrollment period in Computer Science.  Now he is excitedly looking forward to his next semester at the local institute.

“I am having fun in a new setting.  I look forward to each semester and receiving my college degree in two years,” Goss explains.

In the above photo, James pauses at the market to ponder his upcoming semester at South Georgia Technical College.

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