treadmillsWe’ve reached the perfect time of year for exercise and sports at Perry Wellness Center. The temperatures are starting to cool, the weather is clear, and peers are eager to work on their wellness goals, including physical fitness.

Personal choices in exercise equipment seem to sort out on the basis of gender and indoor vs. outdoor preferences. Equipment is available under the Hope Park pavilion, including free weights and a few treadmills. Other workout equipment, such as treadmills and elliptical machines, is housed upstairs in the gym. Men tend to gravitate toward outdoor exercise on the free weights, while women lean toward indoor workouts on the treadmills.

“The men of Perry Wellness Center are enjoying increased use of our free weights under the pavilion in Hope Park,” founder Stuart Perry notes. “Some of our treadmills have been moved inside for the fall and colder weather. We encourage use of these machines for our women.”

Of course, regardless of gender, peers and staff alike are encouraged to use any of the exercise equipment that meets their personal fitness needs. Exercise equipment supplement other exercise and sports activities, including daily walks after lunch and vigorous games of team volleyball or basketball.

It’s all about getting and staying healthy, in order to promote the all-important mind/body connection that is a bedrock of the recovery movement.

As we head into October and more invigorating fall weather, do you plan to make increased physical activity part of your daily routine?

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