Johnny ShiverToday we’d like to give a special shout-out to Johnny Shiver of Shiver Lumber Company. Those of you who live in the area know that Shiver Lumber Company is one of the longest operating businesses in Americus.

Recently we approached Mr. Shiver about a construction project we have underway on campus. To handle our increased production of shrubs and other plants, we need more greenhouse space. Project designer Jeff Williams came up with the idea of building a stand-alone greenhouse that would incorporate recycled windows for its bottom panels.

When he learned of the plan, Johnny Shiver was happy to post an information sign in his customer area, requesting older windows. He even offered to deliver the collected windows to our center.

We’re looking forward to the construction of the new structure. The building process itself will serve as a teaching tool for several peers at our center. It also sounds like the greenhouse will have a bit of character – Jeff thinks that the use of gently used windows will give it a more historical look. Given our location in the heart of Americus’ historic district, it seems only fitting. Finally, the use of recycled materials is all part of going green—particularly appropriate for a greenhouse, don’t you think?

In the photo above, Johnny Shiver places a donation sign in Shiver Lumber Company. Thanks so much!

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