Irvin CookMeals are times for delicious food, good conversation, and healthy nutrition. At Perry Wellness Center, breakfast and lunch also provide opportunities for nutritional education. Peers assist in our meal planning, and we provide information on the nutritional value of menu selections to our peers. We also offer gentle suggestions about the best nutritional choices, such as drinking water instead of soft drinks.

Part of recovery is learning to take responsibility for one’s life choices, and we also believe that a critical aspect of wellness is good nutrition. So our emphasis on nutritional education makes a bit of sense!

In the photo above, Irvin Cook starts the day with a smile and a little dab of margarine, which he applies with a light hand to whole-grain bread. It’s all part of a typical healthy breakfast at the center – scrambled eggs, fresh fruit, and toast.

Hope you are getting your day off to a healthy start!

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