Laurie Hildreth

Throughout the campus at Perry Wellness Center, peers express their interests in a variety of ways.

Exercise buffs enjoy increasing their time on the treadmill or the amount of weight they can bench press. Nature lovers spend time in Hope Park, listening to the sounds of running water or taking a stroll along winding paths. Contemplative peers find time during a break to read a chapter of a book or engage in Bible study. Some creative types often pick up a sketchbook or paint brush. Those with green thumbs enjoy working in the gardens or greenhouses, while others pick up hammer and nails and contribute to construction activities around the campus.

Laurie Hildreth has found her own niche, and shares two of her interests at the center. One is her strong Christian faith, which she discusses comfortably with others. The other is her growing interest in yarn creations. After Laurie learned to work with different needles, hooks, and other tools, she progressed to loom work for larger creations. Using a wooden loom, she is now working on Christmas gifts. Her loom was available due to staff member and artist Jeff Williams, who both designed and constructed a loom for her.

That contribution was greatly appreciated by Laurie, who notes: “It is fun to have creative people to support you.” She also describes the evolution of her yarn work, which had humble beginnings.

“I began with potholders,” she explains. She then progressed to woolen scarves. Now she has progressed to much larger works, such as rugs, thanks to increased proficiency and her new loom.

One of the joys of recovery is discovering creative talents. Amid the diverse demonstrations of creativity around our campus, we think it’s hard to beat the enjoyment of Laurie at her room.

In the photo above, Laurie Hildreth works on a woolen rug for Christmas sharing, surrounded by colorful yarn (and wearing a Thanksgiving headdress in celebration of the recent holiday!).

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